High Rate of Failure when Concurrent Workflows Use This Utility

Jun 30, 2015 at 2:07 AM
I understand this utility is getting a little old but I wanted to share my experience using this in an enterprise environment. CRM 2011 on-premise with version of this utility.

We have a LOT of workflows that fire a lot of notifications. We've found this solution fails at a very high rate when several instances of the utility run in a close time span. For example, a user recently triggered a workflow containing this utility for nine records in the span of 3 minutes, and the workflow failed on all nine of the records. Luckily this was a legacy process that utilized the URL generator, so I replaced the code with the now-native Record URL workflow attribute.

I appreciate Gonzalo's work but I did want to put this caveat out there in case anyone is looking to use it.